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  • How do I hang my painting/print?
    My canvases are installed with simple hanging hardware so you can choose to hang the canvas using that hardware without a frame. However, if you prefer the look of the artwork in a frame, you can choose to get it framed and they will install the new hanging hardware to support the added weight of the frame. Because I varnish my artwork, it limits development of damage to UV rays and some levels of humidity (please still use caution if hanging in direct sunlight/high heat or humidity areas, as this can still damage the painting over time). This being said, you can frame the painting with or without glass. If choosing to frame with glass, please ensure that spacers are installed between the glass and painting to provide proper airflow. A framer at your local frame shop can install spacers for you. As for prints/reproductions, I would highly recommend framing these with glass and a spacer. You may add a mat to enhance the look of the print, but it is not required. Giclée prints can last up to 100 years if provided with the right means to display. When your artwork is hung, you can clean it by very gently dusting the piece with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. If you're unsure how to proceed with framing or hanging your artwork, feel free to contact your local framer or send me an email.
  • When can I find out about your newest paintings? Why can't I see some of them on your store?
    Some of my newest paintings are "show exclusives", where customers who go to my art fairs and shows get the first chance to purchase my artwork before anyone else. These paintings are usually not available in my online store until a later date. If you can't make it to a show and you really want to purchase a piece that isn't available online, contact me via email ( or via the contact form and let me know so we can work out arrangements. If you'd like to stay informed about the newest works of art I produce, feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also join my mailing list on my contact form page.
  • Is Shipping Free?
    I do ship my art free of cost to anyone located in the United States and Mexico. A shipping fee is applied for products getting shipped to Canada and the UK. If you are not from these regions but would like to purchase a piece of art, please contact me with your postal code and country so I can provide you with a shipping estimate.
  • Do you use a reference for your paintings?
    Yes! My painting style is realistic, which means I need to study composition, light, color, etc very closely. Even subtle lighting changes can affect how an object looks, so I use photo references to guide me in making objects appear lifelike. My references are usually photos rather than real life, as my paintings tend to take several days to weeks to complete and in many cases I deal with subjects that are time sensitive (fruits go bad, flowers wilt, sunsets fade, etc). I use my own personal references when possible, but am also active on several online groups where photographers submit their photos with CC0 licenses or no copyright restrictions for artists to use and reference. (CC0 license is also known as the "creative commons license"). Credits to the photographer can be found in the decriptions of my original paintings (no credits mean the reference was my own).
  • How much does it cost to commission a piece from you?
    First off, thank you so much for considering a commission from me! Since commissions are fully custom, each commissioned piece has a unique price point. I base my pricing off of the level of detail in the piece, the amount of time I expect to spend on it, the size of the artwork, and the cost of supplies required. A 50% down payment is required prior to starting the piece to reserve a commission slot in my calendar, and the rest of payment is required once the painting has been completed. Artwork will not be shipped/allowed for pickup until final payment is made.
  • Are there any commissions you won't do?
    I will not copy other artists' work. Fan-art can be considered as long as it is not a pure recreation of another artist's work. Photo references must be your own or for approved usage by the original photographer (given CC0 permissions). My style generally leans on the photo-realistic side so that will reflect in my art. Most of my art closely replicates the reference, so in most cases I will require a reference to go off of. I unfortunately will not be able to accept requests of a different style of painting. My medium is acrylic so it is unlikely I will accept any commissions using any other medium. If I do not feel I can provide quality work based on your suggestions/references, I will discuss our options for how we can move forward.
  • What if I want changes to my commission?
    There is extensive planning/details prior to approval of a commission that will hopefully decrease the need for changes later. However, as a piece comes together, there might still be some modifications you'd like yet did not anticipate. If a change is requested after approval, it will be up to my discretion as to whether I can make said changes. Changes might require additional time and therefore would result in a higher charge than originally agreed on. I will review any charges to get approval before making said changes.


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