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"Onward" is an acrylic painting on 24x48 inch stretched canvas.


Artist Notes: Flint is a bustling city with some hidden gems. One such gem is Stepping Stone Falls, where this painting is based off of. The trails offer remarkable pathways, lots of wildlife and a stunning geometric-style man-made waterfall. My tallest piece to-date, I wanted this painting to feel like you could just keep walking straight into the painting and up the path. I named the piece "Onward", because that eager feeling and curiosity of what lies around the corner past that bridge wants you to push onward, much like many aspects in life. 


    Canvases come simple with hanging hardware installed so you have the option of hanging the artwork as-is or taking it to get framed.


    As with all original artwork, each piece is unique and not without flaws. Photos cannot capture every detail and colors or details might differ slightly from the photographed version.


    No returns or exchanges on original artwork. Shipping cost for returning an item is the customer's responsibility.

    Returns/exchanges must be returned as they came to you (not damaged, bent, etc. and in protective enclosure, ie bubblewrap, cardboard backing, etc). We reserve the right to not offer a full refund if packages don't come back in the same shape you received them.


    All products are shipped via USPS or UPS unless otherwise specified. Please allow 1-2 weeks processing time before shipping.

    Original artwork is shipped via Priority Mail to provide proper insurance coverage and tracking. Prints are shipped First Class.

    We are not held responsible for lost or damaged items. If the item you received was damaged, please take pictures of the product and shipping package and send them to

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